New PureCycle Series ORC Power Generation System

The new PureCycle series Organic Rankine Circle (ORC) power generation system have been developed by our partner company and builds up on United Technologies Corporation (UTC) 30years experience in low-temperature cogeneration.

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15. 9. 2017

SUMEC Attends the World Solar & CleanTech Influencers Forum

17. 2. 2017

GeoTHERM 2017

1. 12. 2016

Opening Office in NEPAL

Our technology generation products

Vacuum Clausius Rankine Cycle (VCRC)

Compare to traditional ORC that use hydrocarbons to run the inner system section and drive turbine or expander, our VCRC system uses directly the hot media produced from Geothermal well or Solar Thermal system.

Residual heat ORC and SCR turbines

Low to High presure range
Effective already from 80°C (180°F / 350 K)
Comprehensive fault control and management unit for maximum security

About us and Financing


was founded by SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC GROUP), a member of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). SUMEC is active in renewable energy sector for almost two decades. GeoPower brand comes as a younger brother of our world leading brands of Phonosolar and Phonowind.


By virtue of outstanding business reputation and performance, we have established intensive strategic cooperation with many financial institutions at home and abroad, and have built competitive financial resource platform, through which we can provide customers with professional, efficient, and low cost supply chain financial service and customized financial solutions integrating investment and financing, so as to assist our customers to achieve more.