New PureCycle Series ORC Power Generation System

The new PureCycle series Organic Rankine Circle (ORC) power generation system have been developed by our partner company and builds up on United Technologies Corporation (UTC) 30 years experience in low-temperature cogeneration.

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11. 6. 2018

Visit us at Intersolar 2018 Munich

23. 5. 2018

SGP registers at International Geothermal Association (IGA)

11. 5. 2018

New Cooperation: Doosan Škoda Power and Loratech

Our Technology and Services

Doosan Skoda Power Steam Turbines

Doosan Skoda provides a range of products and services for power engineering and industrial applications including supply of steam turbines and generators, heat exchanges and other technology up to machine hall packages. Fully integrated solutions build on our efficient, reliable and robust portfolio of steam turbines, condensers and heat exchangers. Our modular turbine construction enables us to tailor our technology to suit customers’ varying requirements.

How to proceed when planning a geothermal power plant?

The answer can hardly be summed up in a short presentation. However, main assumption is to find out the suitability of the site by means of detailed analysis and geophysical methods. There are many kinds of these methods and SUMEC GeoPower provides, as the only one in Europe, some of those unique methods, such as a method measuring passive electromagnetic field. The first step is to contact our specialists to design a tailored project depended on the requirements of the client and accessible data known about the site. After the consultation we draft an offer consisting of precise extend, time schedule and financial budget. As the planning of geothermal power plant is a complex process, we try to provide you with maximal simplicity and logic in a form of logical segments and consultation with a client or an investor.

Geophysical survey and prospection Services

A perfect prospection is a fundamental condition for implementing a drill and crucial for economic success of the whole project. There is a wide range of measuring methods which minimize the risk linked to the ignorance of the exact underground layer composition. These methods are, however, quite advanced. They have been used and perfected for tens of years because of the oil and natural gas prospecting. Investments expended on prospection have been enormous in the past decades. This services are provided by our partner Lomina AG including the aerial support. Lomina Helicopters are located at LKKL and operating under Czech CAA.


The SUMEC GeoPower AG is a European technology company, with focus on geothermal energy sources and industrial waste heat recovery. SUMEC has been active in the renewable energy sector for almost two decades. This makes the GeoPower brand the youngest offshoot of our world-famous brands Phonosolar and Phonowind.